Corintech take delivery of a shiny Surface Mount Technology Screen Printer – The Speedprint SP210avi


At Corintech we understand that it’s important to invest in the latest equipment to be able to deliver our customers high quality and consistent electronic manufactured products.

We have recently acquired a new Speedprint Technology SP210avi Inline Stencil Printer!

The Print and Auto team have been trained up and are enjoying making use of the machines’ positive features – it may be one of the most compact machines on the market but should not be underestimated as it retains a reputation for delivering the highest level of capabilities and quality.

The twin roving cameras ensure accurate and repeatable precision alignment and Speedprint’s unique ‘Selective Auto-Paste Dispense’ is fully programmable and allows accurate and sufficient deposit of the solder paste on to the PCB.

Amber, Auto Team Leader – “It’s a great addition to our print room; we have far less production waste due to the test and error features and the ability to store data from existing jobs means less time wasted too – both are savings that can be passed on to our customers. It’s also self-cleaning!”

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