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Product Design


From concept development using hand-drawn sketches, through to 3D CAD rendered images and 3D printed prototypes, our product design team can work closely with you to transform your initial concept into a production-ready design. Using
the latest software, our product designers are able to construct and validate complete product assemblies with confidence before committing to production tooling.



Complete Electronic Product Design

Avoid the complexities of engaging and synchronising multiple sub-contract design and manufacturing partners.

Corintech’s engineering team covers all the bases, from electronics design and PCB layout to mechanical and complete product design. Over the years we have developed and launched hundreds of successful products for our happy customers, backing all that up with our flexible, reliable and competitive manufacturing services.

Concept Development

From concept development using hand-drawn sketches, through to photo-realistic rendered 3D CAD models, our product design team will work with you to produce a selection of high-quality product concepts. The close collaboration between our product design team, electronics engineers, and production engineers starts at the very beginning of this process, ensuring that all conceptual work is completed with a close eye on what can realistically be taken through to detail design and successful production. A finished concept will typically give a good visual representation of your product and will have considered potential materials, manufacturing techniques and any human interaction with the product.

Detailed Design

Once a concept has been chosen for development, we enter the detail design phase. It is at this stage that final product dimensions, assembly details, materials and manufacturing processes are fully defined. Our experience combined with leading-edge 3D CAD design tools, give the ability to construct and validate complete product assemblies with confidence before committing to production tooling. The team at Corintech are experienced in the use of a wide array of materials and manufacturing processes:

  • Plastic injection moulded parts (for mechanical and ultrasonically welded assembly)
  • CNC machined parts
  • Pressed and folded metal parts
  • Cables and looms
  • Product packaging


Corintech’s UK production facilities include the capability to prototype PCB assemblies and mechanical parts. We are strong believers in the importance of assessing physical prototypes at various stages of the design process, from visual space models, to fully operational product prototypes. Physical prototypes often reveal design wins and potential problems that can’t easily be identified in the digital realm.

Design for Manufacture

Corintech are experts in the manufacture of electronic products, we’ve built our business on that fact. Working with Corintech as your design and manufacturing partner offers confidence that, right from the concept stage, we have successful final product production in mind.

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