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Software Development

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Using industry-leading design software, our experienced PCB designers can provide expert multilayer printed circuit board design on a variety of substrates including FR4, Ceramic, T-Clad and Steel. We can undertake PCB design from your existing design data, undertake design modifications and even engineer your product from scratch. Over forty years’ experience in PCB assembly allows us to ensure our designs are optimised for manufacture, resulting in a production-ready design and keeping assembly costs as low as

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App Development for PC, Mobile and Cloud.

PC and Mobile Apps

Our experienced team of developers provide services for PC software and mobile app development on Android and iOS. This, paired with our extensive experience in the design of intuitive graphical user interfaces makes us the perfect partner for creating applications to work closely with products.

For examples of our app work, see our standard product temperature data loggers that work with the EasyLog Cloud both online and on the iOS/Android app. The EasyLog Cloud app was developed by the team at Corintech and allows the user to view and export data from their wireless data logging sensors (designed and manufactured by Corintech) as well as adjust the settings in their devices.

Cloud-Based Applications

We also offer services in developing cloud-based apps and platforms to work with your product. Harnessing the power of IoT, Cloud-based apps can offer users the ability to connect to and manage products remotely from any web browser. Our own EasyLog Cloud is an example of this, working with our standard data logging products it gives the user the ability to monitor and manage multiple devices in different locations completely remotely.

For information about our embedded firmware services services, please visit our Firmware Development page. 

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