Electronic Design

Corintech’s electronic product design, development, and prototyping services will enable you to transform your product from initial concept to production-ready design. Our team’s extensive experience and broad portfolio of leading-edge design tools allow us to provide assistance with any stage of an electronic product design, or to undertake complete projects from concept generation, to prototyping, and detailed manufacturing documentation.


Design Process

From PCB layouts to complete products, Corintech ensures electronics design success with a quality-controlled, agile process.


Electronic Design

Corintech’s engineers specialise in analogue and digital circuit design, from peer review to complete custom circuits.


PCB Layout

Our expert PCB designers can provide expert multilayer printed circuit board design on a variety of substrates.


Firmware Development

From basic device drivers to complex IoT products, Corintech's expert embedded engineers offer a wealth of experience.


Software Development

Our experienced team of software developers provide development services for PC, mobile and cloud-based applications.


Product Design

From concept development to detailed design-for-manufacture, Corintech has your electronic product design covered.



With industry-leading electronic design and 3D CAD software, fully validate your design before committing to production.


Perfect your design before production with Corintech's on-site rapid prototyping for PCB assemblies and mechanical parts.

Design for Manufacture

Achieve reliable, high-quality manufacture. Our manufacturing expertise will ensure your design is optimised for successful production.


Product Compliance

Let Corintech guide you through the complex process of meeting relevant standards and achieving electronic product compliance.


Wireless & IoT

Find the best wireless connectivity solution for your project with Corintech. We are also experts in cloud-based app development.


Display Technology

If your product needs a display, take advantage of Corintech's in-depth experience with display technology and GUI design.

Electronics Design

Why Choose Corintech?

Using an experienced and proven design and manufacturing specialist can offer your product development the following benefits:

  • Increased technical resource; equipment, staff knowledge and experience
  • A broad range of engineering expertise; mechanical, electronics (PCB design, software/firmware development, wireless & IoT, and more), design for test, design for manufacture, and much more
  • Design optimised for manufacturability; lower risk of production issues (e.g. component obsolescence), improved quality, reduced costs
  • One point of contact, rather than coordinating a mix of in-house resources and external freelancers/design consultancies
  • Fast-turnaround prototype batches
  • Easy transition to full-scale production

Corintech has over forty years’ experience developing electronic products for customers in a variety of different industry sectors. We believe we are perfectly placed to deliver these benefits, and more, for your business.

We aim to tailor our service for every customer’s unique requirements, contact our team to discuss yours today!

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