Customer criteria for the manufacture and assembly of electronic circuits varies immensely and here at Corintech we have years of experience in identifying our customers’ requirements and tailoring manufacturing needs to meet those requirements.

To keep competitive, electronic assembly needs to take on a global aspect and develop a dynamic approach in understanding that new markets are continually emerging.  Supply chains are interconnected and the quality and supply of manufactured circuits has to be managed very closely whether manufacturing is carried out in our bespoke UK facility or managed through our Hong Kong office with our Far East partners.

However, on-shore manufacturing still has an important role to play and there are many reasons that our customers decide to have their builds manufactured in our UK facility in Hampshire.

Ultimately, wherever manufacturing is processed, the key to success is to offer:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent quality
  • On time supply
  • Ability to anticipate demand
  • Predict potential problems
  • Meet changing requirements in a profitable manner

The statements listed above are what is to be expected from a supplier in the manufacturing process but what are the specific benefits to be obtained from UK manufacture?  A fully flexible approach incorporating the above expectations are all part of the service we offer to cover the following manufacturing requirements:

Prototypes and small quantity builds – can enable manufacturing process to be speeded up to accelerate time to market for new product builds

Transition manufacturing – product launches can begin with low-medium volume manufacturing in UK and transition to high volume in the Far East

  • Fast turn-around
  • Ability for face-to-face meetings with Engineers when designing or making changes to builds
  • Faster response on changes required either on build or pull-forward
  • Full flexibility on managing the build
  • Sensitive builds (military etc)

 Ultimately whatever your requirements, managing your build and expectations is the service we offer, with one point of contact overseeing your account through from quotation to on-time delivery of product.

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