What is good Customer Service?

In the run up to Christmas, as a retail customer, I received a lot of customer service experience to varying degrees. This made me think about what I believe represents good customer service. In a nutshell I think great customer service stems from effective communication and consistency. If one step of the process falls down, then the whole experience is tainted. The product received could be of high-quality, but if it’s not delivered on time then the experience is ruined. I might get good customer service once I’ve explained my issue to a member of staff, but if I have to explain it to many different people over and over again, the damage is done. Having one point of contact can eliminate frustration.

Your own Account Manager

At Corintech we strive to provide high-quality products and PCB manufacturing, high-calibre design work and top-notch customer service. We assign an Account Manager to each customer so that you deal with one person from beginning to end. Having a specific contact will speed up correspondence between companies and build solid working relationships.

As a team we then utilise all of our in-house expertise for your account; your Account Manager will liaise with or can put you in touch with our Engineers, a member of our Quality Team or someone in Operations and Production Management- everyone is on hand to see your build through.

All of our customers are different and have varying needs and requirements; we always adapt our service accordingly. We believe that being flexible is fundamental.

Working towards your goals

We are keen to work with our customers to achieve their main goals. We have worked with several large companies over the years, one of our customers from the aerospace industry said “[Corintech] have not only proved reliable, but have worked with us to reduce costs through their knowledge of low cost sourcing” another customer who manufactures high-quality sensors has said “delivery performance is first rate.”

It’s these kind of reviews that we strive for. From the large companies with several product lines, right through to the small companies with new products and projects we always aim to exceed customers’ expectations.

Of course, nothing is perfect. Sometimes errors occur but it is how we resolve and learn from them that counts. All feedback we receive from our customers good and bad is communicated internally and worked on as a team to improve our service and resolve any issues. Our staff have an open and honest policy, and by keeping good lines of internal communication, here in the Sales Team we can ensure that our customers are always kept up-to-date.

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