Teamwork appeals to me, I like being able to accomplish work more quickly and effectively compared to if I tried to go it alone. It is also a support network which when working well gets the best out of people. Effectively good team work can be seen as when people work together to achieve more than they could have by working individually.

Teamwork is a key attribute to our company’s success. Whilst it is true a lot of companies rely on people working effectively together, we take great pride in our sense of togetherness. It is one of the key principles we strive for, which allows us to continuously meet customer needs and adapt to changing requirements.

These are my 10 tips to achieve top teamwork:

1. Communication

It’s a two way process, every member of a team is equally important. Without people sharing their thoughts and opinions ideas and solutions cannot be generated. Decision-making should be based around a free flowing and open dialogue directed to the achievement of customer requirement, not a dictatorship with others just passively following.

2. Cooperation

You can’t generally choose your teammates; they may very well be competing against you for promotions. However, people must put aside differences and cooperate with each other because the team is more important than the individual.

3. Clear Goals

Goals should be discussed by the entire team, without goals a team will not be effective.

A goal should be specific, include a clear deadline for completion and be achievable.

4. Leadership

An effective leader emphasises the importance of team goals over individual goals, together with a clear direction in order to maintain the focus of team members.

5. Trust

Without trust there is just a collection of individuals working together. Teams need to develop to a point where every member trusts that every other member will do the work required and be an active member of the team.

6. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is contagious; it leads other team members to also become more enthusiastic, which results in increased productivity and people more willing to help you out.

7. Professionalism

Certain personalities will always clash when pushed together, especially when emotions are heightened during stressful situations, however for the good of the team differences need to be put aside.

Active participation results in true professionalism, whether it is through setting an example for others with new ideas, procedures or by outperforming targets, 

8. Time management

If you can’t effectively manage your own time and workload you aren’t being an effective team member and the balance of the team will be affected.

9. Acknowledgement

All teams need to stay motivated and equally it is important for individuals to be recognised for their contribution to a job well done. Whether it is a quick high five or letting everyone know a customer has been pleased with receiving their product on time. The team will stay motivated for next time.

10. Sense of Humour

Humour is a powerful tool to build cohesive groups. It breaks down barriers and ensures the group can work more effectively towards a common goal. Showing a lighter side allows you to be more approachable and can help remove stress which can build up in demanding environments. 

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