As an electronics manufacturer supplying to aerospace and defence industries, Corintech is proud of the fact that that we have achieved and maintained the coveted AS9100 accreditation, the international aerospace quality standard.

What does this mean to you?

AS9100 compliments Corintech’s ISO 9001 certification and highlights our focus for adhering to and supporting the stringent requirements of the aerospace and defence industries. AS9100’s aerospace standard provides an additional 80 requirements and 18 amplifications, on top of the ISO 9001 quality management standard, specific to aerospace business operations.

Those additional requirements necessary to fulfil compliance include:

  • Greater controls for changes to production processes
  • Supplementary traceability of components back to the manufacturer and defined requirements for non-conforming material control
  • Greater management and control of quality
  • Documented evidence of continuous improvement

AS9100 is, in essence, proof that the accredited company has a tight and controlled quality management system in place. This, in turn, means that company is more likely to meet or exceed customers’ expectations. It’s a reflection of continuous commitments to provide and ensure quality products through a strong internal operational efficiency and means customers’ needs will be better understood as feedback is actively sought, received and analysed.

Continuous Improvement

That’s not the end of it, there’s no kicking back once certified – an AS9100 accredited company is regularly and extensively audited in each department by the BSI Registrar to prove continuous adherence to the standards and efficiency across all processes. Design and electronic assembly right through to despatch must comply.

Not everything goes to plan, sometimes trial and error is involved with electronic manufacture and processes can fall down, but it’s how those ‘hiccups’ are dealt with that makes the difference. We document issues, it’s an AS9100 requirement, and have to prove that we’ve taken effective steps to identify the root cause and prevent further occurrences. It’s learning from those issues that makes continuous improvement so vital to any business.

This level of commitment and our ability to maintain such accreditation is one of the many reasons Corintech is an ideal partner to manufacture your existing electronic requirements or future project.

Aerospace Quality for All

Being AS9100 accredited doesn’t mean that only our Aerospace products must comply, every build and process needs to be covered. This means that all of our customers will benefit, no matter what the end product may be. 

Why not contact us for more information about Corintech’s AS9100 accreditation and to see what difference a strong QMS will make to your electronic manufacturing and design requirements.

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