The Importance of Peer Design Reviews


As a business we have recently undergone audits for, and successfully been recommended, for re-accreditation to the AS9100 standard. This is a Quality Management standard for businesses involved in the aerospace industry. Every process at Corintech has been carefully detailed to meet this stringent quality level. Our design process, in-particular, considers the activity of peer review to be vital to the successful execution of projects leading to a high quality outcome.

What exactly is design peer review?

It is a process whereby a design project (or aspect of) is reviewed and evaluated by a person, or team, not directly involved with the project, but appropriately qualified to provide input that will either reinforce a design solution, or provide a route to an improved alternative.

Why is it so important?

People often use the phrases ‘no man is an island’ or ‘two heads are better than one’. These are particularly true in the broad and ever expanding field of electronics. Very few can claim to be all-encompassing experts. My colleagues at Corintech come with a wide range of experience and expertise. We have specialists in electronic design, mechanical design, electronics manufacturing, supply chain and purchasing. The invaluable input from this broad base of experience at each stage of a design project will often result in technical improvements, lower bill of material costs, avoidance of sourcing issues, and improved manufacturability.

How can this help you?

As a design partner, you can rely on our experience and robust design process to provide the best solution to your design brief.

As a manufacturing partner, our involvement in your project from the earliest stages will allow us to provide invaluable feedback, often resulting in many of the improvements already mentioned.

If you have an electronic based design project in mind, or a completed design that you are ready to manufacture, why not contact us to find out what we can offer?

What now?
I’m off to get that Christmas tree up, decorated, and peer reviewed by my harshest critics (aged 6 and 9).

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