Quality Assurance with J-STD Workmanship


At Corintech, we have inspected electronic assembly to IPC 610 Class 3 for many years.

Our team of Operators and Engineers are currently working through a week-long training course to ensure IPC J-STD 001 certification. The program provides all the tools needed to increase employee skills and performance; and sets out the materials, methods and verification criteria for producing high quality soldered interconnections.

Class 3 is the highest level of workmanship in J-STD 001 and covers the requirements for assembling high-performance electronic products. We work to this level for every project undertaken at Corintech to ensure production of the highest quality products.

With J-STD 001 Class 3 levels of workmanship and IPC 610 Class 3 inspection; our customers can relax knowing that we meet the highest quality of manufacture at every stage.

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