Prototype PCB Assembly Services


Sometimes you need your electronics manufacturing partner to get something done quickly. Perhaps it’s a run of prototypes? Maybe you’re short on PCB assemblies for a pressing production order and need a fast turnaround response? We’re pleased to announce that, with hard work on our procedures and investment in equipment; we are now able to offer a rapid turnaround service for PCB assembly.

How does this work?

Contact our sales team on 01425 655655 or email your requirements to

Provide us with a complete bill of materials and PCB gerber files.

We’ll provide a highly competitive expedited quotation, an estimate of the fastest achievable lead-time, and a direct sales contact.

Place your order and receive high-quality assembled PCBs in no time at all. We may even be able to manufacture from the receipt of an existing kit of parts in as little as 24 hours.

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