New SMARTFLOW 2020 Selective Soldering System


At Corintech, we constantly invest in new, industry-leading machinery to add to our production facilities.

Our latest addition is the SMARTFLOW 2020, a compact selective soldering system that accurately and repeatedly creates solder joints on through-hole components, much faster than by hand.

Improving the quality and speed of our manufacturing is always a priority at Corintech, and this machine sourced from German manufacturers Kurtz Ersa, an innovative piece in the industry, is sure to do just that.

The SMARTFLOW 2020’s comprehensive configuration paired with multiple features including large PCB options, low-maintenance and wear-free solder points, all-over preheating and high-precision spray flux system, makes it the perfect first of its kind to join our UK manufacturing production line.

The SMARTFLOW 2020 highlights include:

  • Large printed circuit board formats
  • High ease of servicing
  • Perfect for cellular manufacturing
  • All-over heating (optional)
  • Wear-free induction pump
  • Modern process visualisation with ERSASOFT 5

To find out more about the SMARTFLOW 2020, click here.

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