Far East Vs UK Electronic Manufacturing Decisions

The past 25 years has seen a dramatic rise in off-shore manufacturing. Low cost material combined with cheap labour and increasing pressures to reduce manufacturing costs back in the UK has convinced many organisations to move production to the Far East.

However if a product is to benefit from the opportunities the Far East offers there are numerous factors which must be considered before the decision can be made. Not all products are suitable for Far Eastern manufacturing, companies that anticipate fluctuations in their supply patterns or new product which are undergoing developed are prime examples of products which benefit from UK manufacturing. This is because of the increased response times and reduced risk that changes will be misinterpreted or misunderstood.

Offshore manufacturers are geared up to deliver repeatability, if customers require predictable volumes of stable products, where large batches can be manufactured regularly, then significant savings and improvements in efficiency can be made by utilising Far East capabilities.

However Far East manufacturing cannot easily accommodate ‘lumpy’ demand or fluid products which require component changes. The UK is best placed to deal with these types of build, together with rapid turnaround of samples, small batch quantities. Where response times are key the UK still offers the best solution.

What does this mean for you?

At Corintech a key strength is our flexibility. By understanding and adapting to your needs we can work with you to become a partner in order to provide world class service.

If Far Eastern manufacture is required our dedicated Hong Kong office will ensure clear instructions are issued and by utilising in house expertise in importing/exporting goods our staff ensure we achieve very competitive lead times.

If there is concern over IP of a product, less predictable or smaller volumes, or if product designs are liable to change at short notice our UK base in Fordingbridge is best suited to accommodate your needs. Whilst for more predictable volumes of stable electronic products, where large batches can be manufactured regularly, then our Far East facilities, managed by our dedicated Hong Kong office can offer significant long-term savings.

We offer adjustable manufacturing solutions in both the UK and the Far East and because of this flexibility with staff in both locations, our partners can take advantage of the ideal blend of lowest possible cost, rapid turnaround and exceptional quality.

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