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Another advantage of ceramic substrates is that they offer extremely low thermal expansion properties. This makes them ideal for use in harsh environments where extremes of temperature are likely. The combination of low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity ensures that not only is thermal expansion limited, but it is also evenly spread across the board, limiting large amounts of stress to be exerted in specific areas.

Corintech has specialised in the design and production of Thick Film Hybrids for over 40-years. They are able to manufacture multi-layer ceramic circuits including printed tracks and resistors, laser trim printed resistors to high tolerances, provide SMT and through-hole assembly on ceramic and FR4 PCBs, and place bare die components with wire bonding.

In addition to the materials and technology used in aerospace builds, it is vital that any supplying sub-contractor adhere to the relevant quality standards, in this case, AS9100. The AS9100 aerospace and defence quality standard demands an additional 80 requirements and 18 amplifications on top of ISO 9001, meaning builds are manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure both reliability and durability. The attainment of the AS9100 accreditation is the mark that an electronics manufacturer has a tightly controlled quality management system at each stage in its process. One of the elements of the AS9100 requirements is that all components must be sourced from the correct supply chain and that the traceability is tracked throughout to ensure high levels of reliability and quality across every element of the build.

At Corintech, the AS9100 not only benefits aerospace and defence builds but all designs and assemblies. Their expert procurement team operates across a global network of sourcing options and long term relationships with trusted supplies, making sure that every component is fully traceable and purchased for the lowest price possible to keep BOM costs low. This, alongside stringent IPG610 quality inspection standard as well as builds passing through our state-of-the-art automated optical inspection machinery, assures of the upmost quality from beginning to end.

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