Can You Handle the Heat?


The south of the UK has experienced some unusual temperature extremes in the last four months, from sub-zero temperatures and snow in March to blazing sunshine and almost 30°C heat over the last few days.

Whilst temperatures around 30°C may feel significant to the likes of me and you, Thick Film Hybrid circuits can perform optimally at any temperature up to ten times that (and more), ideally suiting them to the harshest of environments and thus first choice for use in industries such as automotive, aerospace and defence.

Corintech have been at the forefront of Thick Film technology for over forty years, specialising in Thick Film Hybrid Circuits using the latest in manufacturing facilities. Recently we have seen a rise in demand for such services and endeavour to remain first choice for our customers.

Thick Film Hybrid circuits are made using a print & fire (P+F) technique, with a combination of multi-layer screen printing of precious and semi-precious metals (Au, Ag, Pd) and firing of tracks and precision resistors onto a range of ceramic and metal substrates. Surface mount components and bare die components with wire bonding can also be incorporated, and optional full encapsulation provides greater protection from wearing.

Here are just a few benefits offered by Thick Film Hybrid Circuits:

  • High reliability for harsh environment applications
  • Flexibility to choose precise resistor values with active laser trimming
  • High Voltage (HV) resistors
  • Extended temperature range performance
  • Improved thermal management with thermally conductive substrates
  • Excellent high-frequency performance
  • Low start-up costs and fast lead-time to prototypes


For further information on our Thick Film Hybrid capabilities, contact our sales team.

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