AS9100 and Electronics Manufacturing


As an electronics manufacturer supplying aerospace and defence industries, we recently underwent an interim audit and are proud to have passed the inspection with flying colours.

What Does AS9100 Mean to You?

AS9100 is essentially proof that Corintech has a tight and controlled quality management system in place in each and all of its processes. It requires an additional 80 requirements and 18 amplifications on top of other quality management standards such as ISO 9001, specific to aerospace business operations. This, in turn, means the company is more likely to meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Maintaining our AS9100 certification emphasises our commitment to adhering to the stringent requirements of the aerospace and defence industries and consistently achieving the highest quality standard at every stage.

Such additional requirements for AS9100 include:

  • Greater controls for changes to processes with a risk-based approach
  • Supplementary traceability of components back to the manufacturer and defined requirements for non-conforming material control
  • Greater management and control of quality
  • Documented evidence of continuous improvement

All of which, and more, Corintech has upheld and been certified across all processes in a recent inspection by the BSI Registrar.

Being AS9100 accredited doesn’t only affect our aerospace products, but extends to all our processes to benefit all our customers and their products.

Continuously Improving Our Service

With constant checks, audits and provisions in place both internally and externally to maintain our AS9100, Corintech is constantly improving its service. As is an AS9100 requirement, we document any and all issues we encounter in all our processes to prove that we’ve taken effective steps to identify and prevent any such issues in the future.

This level of continued commitment and achievement in our high-quality processes is just one of the reasons Corintech is an ideal project partner for your current and future electronics needs. Why not contact us now for more information on why such accreditations and a strong quality management system ensure your project excels.

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